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» Our Community Garden-“From Your Garden to the Community Table”

Can we help you?

We have an extensive Community garden precinct out of which we run a project calledĀ  ‘From Your Garden to the Community Table’ . Large garden plots are available for schools, community groups and the general public, to grow food for themselves. We have volunteers on site during the week 9.00am-2.00pm who are able to advise and assist with growing tips and tricks, and any composting needs. Our team have developed worm towers and smaller planters using the wicking method of watering to save wastage and prevent evaporation and aid with extended dry spells. We can also-

  • Demonstrate how to build your own small self watering vegetable garden bed using recycled materials.
  • Provide you with portable vegetable beds so that you can grow your own vegetables or herbs at your own home.
  • Show you how to care for your vegetable garden and keep it healthy so that you can have fresh vegetables andĀ herbs all year.

Can you help us?

Our Volunteers come from all walks of life and through engagement with others in our gardens and by taking part in our workshops, gain valuable skills in growing food, cooking fresh produce and becoming more active and engaged. Important friendships are made and everyone is made to feel welcome as part of a team, appreciated for their skills and able to share their knowledge. So why not think about joining us-

  • Volunteer your time at our Neighbourhood House to help build garden beds, assist with our community gardens and learn to cook simple meals in our kitchen.
  • Donate surplus vegetables that you may have left over from your own garden so that we can prepare, cook and provide meals for the local community who are in need.

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